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More KinKi Kids in your life ♥

We are a free Kinki Kids fansub group. We want to share the joy of being a Kinki fan with everyone, that's why we decided to build a new fansub group. Our main attention lies in subbing Domoto Kyoudai episodes, though we are considering several different projects for the future. Right now our subbing team consists of six regular members and one back-up. We've got a bunch of people now who can sub the videos, but we're lacking translators, so if you know any japanese (no you don't have to be perfect) and are interested in joining the team, please PM me! Also we're always happy about comments and feedback!

Community Rules
1. No uploading to streaming sites.
2. No re-posting without our permission.
3. Please don't claim the videos as yours. Respect our work.
4. No rude comments or hating, no spam, flaming and such.
5. Enjoy!

Please always remember, that we're doing this for fun and in our free time, because we love KinKi probably just as much as you do. Beside that we all have some kind of RL, so we might get busy and have to delay subbing projects. Be nice and patient with us, so that we'll continue to have fun doing this. After all, we're all One Big Domoto Family, ain't we?

Our team
Noodles (translator - kittycat666)
Esther (translator - atarashiiyoake)
Alice (timer, layout - gensou_alice)
Ebi (timer - yoshino_nara)
Hikarii (timer - hikabunny)
Hiiki (timer - hika_ryuu)
Ramen (temporary timer - romeoramen)

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