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23 April 2012 @ 07:34 pm

We are a Kinki Kids subbing group formed in April 2012 called "aonojidai fansubs" and this is our community.
It includes a collection of all subbed videos done by our subbing team.

We haven't released anything in a while, but that doesn't mean the community is completely dead and we're still looking for translators and anyone wanting to help out is welcome, so if you know any japanese (no you don't have to be perfect) and are interested in joining the team, please PM me! ^^

All project posts in this community are member-locked (fansubbing is not the most legal thing in the world),
but, as for now, we decided on open membership, so all you have to do is click the 'join'-button to enjoy our work.

Let me restate our community rules at this point in this post:

1. No uploading to streaming sites.
2. No re-posting without our permission.
3. Please don't claim the videos as yours. Respect our work.
4. No rude comments or hating, no spam, flaming and such.
5. Enjoy!

*this post has been updated 2014.01.03 (Happy New Year :))

Click here for our Project Master Post/Requests.
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